Partnership with NAMI

XILforEV consortium has established a partnership with the Russian State Scientific Research Center NAMI. Both parties are cooperating on the topic of  hardware-in-the-loop tests for the electric vehicle cooling systems. The NAMI Center is working on this subject within the framework of H2020 Joint EU-Russia Call.

Central scientific research automobile and automotive engine institute NAMI is the biggest Scientific and Engineering Center of the Russian automotive industry. The scientists and design engineers of the institute were directly involved in the creation, testing and putting into the mass production of practically all Russian vehicles, from the first passenger cars to heavy-duty trucks, such as KAMAZ, MAZ, KrAZ, BelAZ and other. One of the priority lines is R&D activities of the institute is the scientific basis of the development of the guiding documents for the national automobile industry, as well as analysis and forecasting trends of the industry evolution, including production volumes, number of sales and growth of the vehicle fleet.